We at SENSI TEES embrace all individuals and their differences.  We hope to create a safe space for those in our community and more importantly, start a revolution. In order to instill change, one must first find inner peace. Join our journey and together, we can be revolutionaries. 


Our goal is to de-stigmatize recreational and medicinal marijuana use by raising awareness and eliminating negative preconceptions within our community. We believe marijuana use is an individual choice and as such, should be legalized and made widely available. SENSI TEES was founded on the premise that every consumer would contribute to the legalization of a marijuana platform.At present, marijuana provides medicinal-healing properties that assist those suffering from neurological disorders, mental disorders, mood disorders, digestive disorders and chronic pain. Marijuana use is also known to enhance clarity, advance relaxation and meditation, fuel creative energy and clear a path to inner peace.


We hope to inspire our consumers to embrace who they are and to embrace the things that make a difference in their lives. We urge our consumers to join our acceptance movement and help make marijuana use acceptable in our communities. Every consumer who purchases a SENSI TEES piece of clothing is illustrating their commitment to our core values: celebration of differences, appreciation of creativity, encouragement of progressivism and a collective hope for change. 


I have always cared about the world’s environmental and social causes.  Specifically, I care about showcasing alternative medicinal choices and advocating for such choices to be a widely available option to those in our communities. I’m proud to use my hand-drawn designs as a platform to shed light on the recreational and medicinal benefits of marijuana.  I entrust in the healing properties of alternative medicine and its potential impact in our community. I believe, with every SENSI TEES purchase, we are one step closer to molding the perception of marijuana use. It’s time for us to speak out.